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Owing to our in depth expertise in this domain, we are engaged in offering an extensive range of AC Drive. In which includes AC Variable Frequency Drives, and Variable Voltage Frequency Drives


VFD is a system for controlling the Rotational speed of motor by controlling the frequency of the electrical power supplied of the motor.

Variable frequency motors on fans save energy by allowing the volume of air moved to match the system demand. By using VFDs the system can maintain a constant level or pressure without continuously cycling the pump or fan ON and OFF. This allows for a better system control of a level or pressure, instead of cycling between a wide differential.

Variable speed drives gradually ramp the motor op to operational speed to lesser mechanical & electrical stress. Reducing maintenance and repair cost, and extending the life of the motor and driven equipment.


As VFD usage in HVAC application has increased, Fans, Pumps,  Air Handlers & Chillers can benefit from speed control. Variable Frequency drives provided the following advantages:

Encoder Technology

The application in which the motor encoder is being utilized will determine the motor encoder technology that needs to be used. The two broad types of motor encoder technologies available are:

  • Incremental Encoders : The output of an incremental motor encoder is used to control the speed of a motor shaft.

  • Absolute Encoders : Absolute motor encoders are most often used on Servo Motors in applications where position accuracy is required. The output of an absolute motor encoder indicates both the motion and the position of the motor shaft.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

Motor Control System

Motor Control System

Resolvers used for AC Servo Motor

Resolvers used for AC Servo Motor

Servo Motors