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Spindle Motors

Spindle Motors Repairs & Maintenance Services

Hi-tech Industrial Automations is the nation’s leading spindle motors repairing Company and the repair provider of choice for companies across the country, Our spindle motosr repair specialists have the expertise, technical ability, and lightning-quick turnaround time required to minimize your downtime with a run-tested, guaranteed spindle motor repair. We service all major brands of spindle motors.

All motors are repaired in our own company, always in-house, and never by an outsourced vendor. Our technicians use OEM parts from our massive inventory, ensuring that your spindle motor is returned to factory specifications before being run-tested and undergoing extensive quality assurance checks in our in-house test equipments

An improper spindle motor repair process is actually a leading cause of spindle motor failure. At Hi-tech Industrial Automations, we know that exact tolerances, performance standards, and cleanliness levels are critical to avoiding premature spindle failure.

Our experienced technicians provide prompt re-conditioning and repair for any size machine tool spindle or other high precision rotating devices that incorporate Roller, Ball, Taper Bore, and various types of hydrostatic Bearings. Full in-House machining operations provide one-source capability to Rewinding, repair totally your spindle.

Spindle motor repair naturally compliments servo repair. Spindle motors use servo technology to run closed loop. All considerations for servos apply to spindles; in some respects spindle motor repair can be even more intricate. Spindles endure an intense evaluation specifically tailored to their characteristics. We obtain a comprehensive understanding of the spindle motor's condition not only to fix what is broken, but also to fine tune the motor for optimum performance. It is our goal to retrofit, Rewinding. Repair your spindle motor back to "Like New" condition.

Spindle motors require specialized skills and tools in order to complete effective repairs. It is important for any company that repairs spindle motors to have precision measuring devices to check mechanical tolerances, balance, and feedback signal integrity.